Affiliate Programme

The success of the $1 Art Club lies with its members in helping spread the word through Facebook Art groups, Art blogs, Art chat rooms and within the Art community around the world.

Always remember the $1 Art Club can display ANY Art, you can see the 40 Art category’s on the home page of the website.

Here is how it works:

1. We will give you your own personalised affiliate link, when an artist books an ad spot via YOUR affiliate link you get credited.
2. Every time an artist books an ad spot via YOUR personalised affiliate link, this is called a “affiliate credit”
3. Once you have built up 100 affiliate credits, e.g 100 artists have booked an ad via YOUR affiliate link, you get paid $100 in affiliate commissions.

We offer a 30 day cookie policy, which means that if an artist visits the $1 Art Club website via YOUR affiliate link, and does not order an ad spot there and then, but comes back a day or a week later, and orders an ad spot, this will be credited to you due to our 30 day cookie policy.

Facebook has over 25,000 Art groups listed with the average group membership of 8,000 it offers an affiliate a wide open opportunity to connect up one on one to offer the artist the opportunity to display their Art for just $1 for a 12 month period.

The $1 Art Club is a very unique low cost Art advertising website, it will attract 1000’s of artists around the world.

If you would like your own personalised affiliate link to promote the $1 Art Club website, please send us an email and we will send you your personalised link with FULL details on how to reach out to the millions of artists around the world.