Abstract Art

About Us

The $1 Art Club, started as a passion, as passion to be able to offer to ALL artists around the world a platform to be able to display their Art, any Art for just $1 for 12 months.

Who Are We
We are a small team of budding part time artists in our own right all very passionate about Art.
Our skills sets are the skills need for the success of the $1 Art Club, they cover PR and Marketing, Internet Marketing, IT programming, and web design, and above all, the ability to “think outside the box”.

How It All Started
Early 2016 we set about looking at ways to help artists reach out around the world and to be able to demonstrate their Art.
We are all members of many Facebook Art groups, blogs, and Art websites in fact anything to do with Art. Between us we have over 500 friends all within the Art community, and all working with a broad range of Art.
What became apparent was very few artists seemed to be making any money from their Art. The groups, forums, and websites just seemed to be other artists, and while this is needed to be able to interact with other artists, their Art was just being admired by fellow artists.
What we have enjoyed is seeing the amazing Art there is around the world, some of which is breathtaking, Art that should and must be shared with the world, and this could be your Art.

Our 10 We Commitments
1. We wanted to create a website where any artists could share their art around the world for $1 for a 12 month period. We know that $1 is affordable for any artist
2. We made the commitment NOT to charge a monthly membership fee.
3. We made the commitment NOT to take a % of sales of, we  believe an artist should receive 100% of the value of their Art and should never be expected to hand over a % of sales.
4. We wanted a self-loading website, easy to use, with plenty of options
5. We wanted an easy to navigate website for the viewer, fun and easy to use.
6. We wanted to give the viewer the opportunity to connect direct with the artist
7. We made a mission statement to have 1 Million viewers every month, viewers that could well be looking at Art for the first time
8. We intend to offer the $1 Art club members tips & advice on selling their Art
9. We intend to use our skill set to make the 1$ Art a “Go to” website.
10. We don't need to be the biggest to be the best.

There are millions of artists around the world, established, up and coming, and those just stepping out into the wonderful world of Art.
Our intentions are to support you and enable you to share your art with real buyers every month.