The 1 Dollar Art Club

How it Works

Please take time to watch our video. It explains in-depth how
the $1 Art Club works and the order process

Here is a brief overview on how the $1 Art Club works

You can place your Art ad for $1 for 12 months
If you choose to place an ad with a $4 ad spot or larger you will have your own members area, which will enable you to
    change your Art image, 100 character Art description and URL link as often as you like throughout the 12 months of advertising.

You can choose ANY size Art ad spot you like
All Art ads double in size when you hover over them, and bring up a 100 character Art description air bubble to describe your ad,
    your ad will also be clickable to your website, Facebook page or blog

1 x 1 ad box is 16 x 16 pixels
Any Art category can be advertised. We have 40 Art categories to choose from
You can create your own ad spot size using our Art Ad Generator on the page Place Your Ad. This offers you
    complete flexibility on ad size to fit your Art

Easy to use secure payment system, using PayPal
Easy to use order form, upload your Art image and details within minutes

How to secure and book an Art ad spot

1) Visit the tab Typical Ad Sizes, this will give you some examples of typical Ad sizes, you can create and order any art ad size you like.
2) Place your Ad by clicking on the Place Your Ad tab.
3) Choose the ad size that best suits and fits your piece of Art or create your own size ad spot using the Art Ad Generator.
4) Make the payment
5) Within seconds you will see on screen the order form for you to fill in. This will allow you to upload all the required details for your ad and create  your membership login, to upload your Art image, your 100 character Art description and supply us with your URL link where you would like your Art image to link to.
6) Once you have filled in the necessary details hit submit and within minutes your Art image ad will be live and visible on your chosen category.
7) Next check your email inbox for two important emails, one from PayPal and one from our system, giving you your membership registration details.

Have any questions? If so email our support team at